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The Childbloom Guitar Program

The Childbloom Guitar Program, for kids 5 and up, has an innovative approach to music making and skill development with the guitar.

We make use of ensemble playing, a unique curriculum and parental involvement. The Childbloom student learns to make music quickly, is taught to play correctly, and will develop a lifelong musical appreciation.

If your child is bitten by the guitar bug, Childbloom Guitar can open the door to the world of music!

The Childbloom Guitar program was developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor in Austin Texas.

In 2003 we introduced the Childbloom Guitar Program to CNY. This program effectively specializes in teaching children and is hands down the best guitar lesson program in the Syracuse area for kids!

Here are some Childbloom features:

  • Specially trained & licensed teachers.

  • Individual attention in a low pressure environment.

  • A unique curriculum that is designed specifically for children.

  • Parental involvement & family encouragement.

  • Support materials for students and parents.

  • Solo & ensemble playing.

  • Performing groups & other performances.

  • Voluntary contests & recitals.

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First Guitar Ensemble Picture.jpg
2019 Ensemble 4.jpg
Music School of CNY Guitar Ensemble.jpg

If you are ready to begin your guitar journey or take your playing to the next level then...

...Call Us TODAY!  (315) 455-5006

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